Either from the original epicenter or from other epicenters that become established 1 cross 3 nails 4 given shirt. We’re sharing information, guidelines & tools in real time on our website and through our partner networks on how to manage a disease, how manage community investigations, how to manage transmission studies, how to manage clinical trials. We’re also working to ensure that countries know what supplies to get, what supplies to use through a disease commodity package which details to countries the right supplies in the right quantities for certain levels of cases that they might expect. Those countries who have important cases are clearly fully alert. Those countries who have not important cases will obviously need to look at their readiness and preparedness.

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For some countries, this is a very straight forward task 1 cross 3 nails 4 given shirt, for other countries who are fragile and potentially vulnerable, who already have weakness in their public health system, this is a challenge. We believe that these chains of transmission can still be interrupted. This disease is still spreading from person to person through personal contact between individuals. And through proper management of hygiene management of case identification, isolation of social distancing.

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