These are awful decisions that have to be made Absolute perfection shirt, but these types of plans are in place all over the world in the event of major incidents if services are overwhelmed. The government inplimemted DNR on all care home residents and mentally, physically and disabled people. These were inplimemted for anyone needing a high level of recovery time. There will of course be people whom were extremely elderly or had very serious comorbidities that could make invasive treatment almost cruel, especially if their clinic outcome was already very poor. But in this case all disabled people were basically graded on their dependancy levels regardless of their clinical outcome.

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Why do you think those kind of blanket decisions involving a Absolute perfection shirt section of society need to be made. Working in primary care I can assure you that no such measures were passed onto us therfore we would be attempting resuscitation protocols. It is more likely that this would have been the case if it had gone completely wrong and as I say we were completely unable to cope. Yes it seems that those who will not be happy with anything will need to lay the blame somewhere and the govt is easy.

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