Some people will find any reason to attack the government ACDC get back don’t let me down signatures shirt, regardless of how much of a non-sequitur it may be. You don’t see anything wrong with disabled people basically being graded on how dependant they are and the more dependant the more likely they would be denied treatment in intensive care regardless of their chances of recovery. Of course you can blame them. It clearly states that a person’s level of dependancy would impact of whether they received intensive care treatment regardless of their clinical chances of recovery. That’s throwing anyone disabled under a bus. Imagine the outrage if they graded people on skin colour and the darker the shade the less likely they would receive life saving treatment.

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All people have the right to equal treatment. Someone that uses a wheelchair and relies on carers to do housework and help prepare food does not deserve to be left to die because of their dependancy on others. It is fortunate that there has not been as many people affected by this as could have been, its a harsh reality that care in an impending national disaster will always prioritise the fit over the weak and the young over the old, this is because a small number of people have to be available to help the most people they can.

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