I think the bigger picture is if the USPS dies and evaporated Always take the scenic route shirt, hey so much for your mail in ballot it’s more about voter suppression and struggling to get re-elected. Get rid of that onerous regulation they placed on their pension fund. That would free up billions and still keep that fund solvent. This is the result of the Republicans continued effort to drain the Postal Service and privatize it. Maybe if they did a better job, they’d get more money. Mail service in my neighborhood is terrible. Missing mail. Wrong people’s mail. Congress is going to let it fail because they don’t want us to mail in our votes. If it doesn’t exist we cant use it. Image that a government run business going under. We should make every private company government run oh wait that don’t work so good. Look what the Republicans did in Wisconsin. Had all those people standing outside during a pandemic.

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They wouldn’t even postpone the vote Always take the scenic route shirt. Maryland announced they will be mailing in their votes. All our previous governments always had to finance postal services, it is in the constitution and the government responsibility. Why bail out a business that is becoming obsolete. Nobody uses US Mail anymore. Sell to Amazon. Days a week delivery most of the mail is junk anyway. They have been losing billions of dollars every year for a decade or more. They are arrogant. They do not focus on customer service and honestly, the private companies they compete with are running circles around them.

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