They are taking extraordinary measures in the face of an extraordinary challenge American flag Stitch back the blue shirt. They have in addition, have agreed to admission of international experts to go to China and work with Chinese experts to better understand these transmissions to understand the clinical severity. I might add that Chinese experts are involved in almost all of our expert networks and on a daily basis dialing into calls of the clinical, laboratory and other aspects of it. So Chinese expertise & scientific knowledge and understanding of this disease is contributing to the overall global expertise. We’re very grateful that China will invite a team to work side by side to learn more about this disease and learn more about how China is taking action.

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We clearly have 4 levels in this response American flag Stitch back the blue shirt. We have the intense response going on in Wuhan & Hubei province. We have responses going on in other provinces in China where transmission is less intense, the numbers are less but nonetheless a major response is underway to track cases, contacts to try to interrupt cases of transmission. We have the 15 countries who have who have imported cases, they have to stop transmission.

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