The life of our country may very well depend on American grown with china roots shirt. Just take a look at those out there rioting, burning, destroying, then vote the opposite. Yeah again make the black communities vote for the democrats because that’s always worked out well for them hasn’t it. It is really sad when people need to be encouraged to vote. In Australia it is compulsory to turn up to vote and employers can be fined if they stop you. That’s the problem the majority of people who want change will probably not vote. So she praising people who are rioting shooting and killing people she want a government in power who will abolish the police yes vote but vote for Donald Trump someone who run the country by law not by Biden a person who would run the country with lawlessness.

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They chose a billionaire American grown with china roots shirt reality tv star as a president but think millionaires are too rich to have a political opinion. I agree with Beyonce. Lives may well depend on the election. Given the 4 year long hissy fit of the opposition, God knows what will happen when Trump crushes them again and soars to victory in November. You’ve made it perfectly clear to everyone who pays your wages always pushing for the deep state.

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  1. Shanda Dornburg (verified owner)

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  2. Katharina Wesselmann (verified owner)

    Delivery was really fast and item was better than expected

  3. James Olson (verified owner)

    I bought a t shirt for my dad for father’s Day, he’s over the moon with it and the material is great quality. Good value for money and quick delivery to the UK.

  4. Doug Horton (verified owner)

    I came across their ad on Facebook. A bit on the expensive side but the shirt quality and the graphics look good. The real test will be how well it wears from wearing it and washing it. Time will tell as they say.

  5. Jean MacFarland (verified owner)

    Appaulling quality and shocking customer service. Been trying to return. Reported to trading standard

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