I needed this for all those sweet, sweet iced lattes. I can’t remember if you liked Baby Yoda Aquarius shirt but this cute af. Just say if you need more crochet ideas. It’s just too much now oh my goodness. This reminded me of you. You could make these. If my grandma was alive she would of made me one. I really need to get on to that crocheting. Eventually he ends up on the possession of the Man’s bounty hunter who turns him over to imperial scientists wh ok take dna samples. The Mandalorian the takes the baby back because of his affinity to memes on the internet.

Baby Yoda Aquarius shirt, sweater, hoodie and v-neck t-shirt

Baby Yoda Aquarius Hoodie


Baby Yoda Aquarius Ladies tee

Ladies tee

Baby Yoda Aquarius Sweater


Baby Yoda Aquarius V-neck t-shirt

V-neck t-shirt

Best Baby Yoda Aquarius shirt

The Baby Yoda Aquarius shirt and Mandalorian continue to have adventures together before the Mandalorian dies of old age. The young, now 100 years old Yoda mourns the loss of his friend before activating the time machine that the mandalorian had been working on. The baby returns to 800 years BBY where he lives out his life and becomes the Grandmaster Yoda. The dna is used by imperial remnants in attempts to clone force sensitive bodies for the force ghost of the emperor to inhabit.

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