When my uncle and aunt got married we were out taking photos before the reception Birds flappy Cardinal shirt and a butterfly landed on her dress her sister passed away when she was younger and was missing her and wishing she was there. Butterflies remind my aunt of her cause her sister loved them needless to say we all got emotional. No doubt in my mind. Cardinals watch over mourning loved ones & send messages they are still with them. We all looked around at each other with tears of happiness and sadness knowing that was Mom. That was the moment I realized that there is a connection between life on earth and the heavens above.

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That’s amazing Birds flappy Cardinal shirt. I had a similar phenomenon they day of my mother’s funeral. My mother loved dragonflies. She painted them, had knickknacks, etc. When we laid her to rest in the cemetery of her home town in Etobicoke, CA just outside Toronto the unexplainable happened. A swarm of what must have been a hundred plus dragonflies encompassed our gathering of family and friends all around and above us. Wether you are an atheist or a religious believer nothing can change your belief in the connection to the afterlife more than an experience like this.

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