He is a huge fan of Latina music and listens to artists like Bon Jovi Bryan Adams 2020 shirt and C. Martin frequently. He is friendly by nature and almost never refuses a fan when they request for autographs or selfies, even when he is tired. This is one of the reasons why he is adored so much world over. He is not that fashion conscious and yet he is one of the most stylish athletes in sports. Rafa said in an interview how he still takes his mother’s advice in matters of fashion. He is a huge football fan and follows Spanish football very closely. I was very pleased to know he is a Madridista at heart and played a key role in the signing of Assensio. He also stated in an interview how his life would be incomplete without his iPod, which he carries everywhere.

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Always by Bon Jovi Bryan Adams 2020 shirt, Forever by Kiss to name just a few. Not saying the love expressed in these songs is truly impossible, but very rare. Those are just a few of the many artists that I appreciate. Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, U2, and Sting are all still around, even though they all have encountered drugs and/or feuds that could have fractured the bands bond, they overcame it, and that’s the main reason for why bands or artists like the ones I have mentioned are still around today.

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