If the But first coffee luke’s shirt making area is not ergonomically designed, the order taking and payment system is not efficient and effective and the food production requires lots of human movement then your cafe’s physical service limit may curb your ability to reach sustainability, not to mention the huge wages bill poor ergonomics can create. These people have no idea about how to price products that are capable of giving the owner/manager a competitive return for their long hours worked and a competitive return on their substantial investment. But their less-than-sustainable prices keeps even the good cafe operators from getting reasonable returns in the industry.

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So, as the rotating door of new entrants replace the But first coffee luke’s shirt, prices remain for all participants below what is required for the industry to be a sustainable and worthwhile investment. Sure, you can extract a wage from your cafe investment but buying a job is hardly the stuff of sustainable business models. So apart from that general industry issue with price sustainability, the pitfalls that you can make all by yourself are listed below. Having founded and managed over 20 cafe/restaurant outlets myself, I know they are pitfalls because I have fallen into them all.

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