They have to come up with one. There probably is a way around Cancer my friend’s fight is my fight shirt, but since it’s expected to be done, everyone does it. They could pay the fee to have it changed later if they really regretted it. Not only is the form used for the birth certificate it’s also used for the Social Security card, so pretty important. But if someone delivers outside the hospital, they are responsible for the whole thing. It will be Dads job once we can finally register the baby though. And the point of this post? These things happens. Why is the BBC always looking to comment on these unnewsorthy issues. The babies will get registered and they will hardly be aware of the issue.

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Our son is 18 weeks and still not registered Cancer my friend’s fight is my fight shirt, spent our first week in hospital, by the time we got home and organised, everything was going into lockdown. Also if you claim Child Benefits then you can claim them without the baby being registered under the current circumstances however they did say to me that the name you give the child benefits office has to be exactly how it will be on the birth certificate so can’t change the name. The pandemic has affected almost everything, but I think this can be done online to be honest, although it might be easy and convenient but its better than nothing.

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