When my late father was made a Chillin with my postal peeps shirt, we, his family were invited to accompany him. We were ushered into a beautifully panelled room with large french windows looking over the river. I, naturally curious, walked over to the window to enjoy the view. The Lord Chancellor, a very kindly and scholarly gentleman, joined me and explained that the stones steps led from the window down to the river Thames. He told me that it was down those very steps that Charles I was escorted to a river barge which would transport him to the Tower to await his execution. I was complete overcome by an overwhelming sense of history and felt incredibly privileged.

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My father too, a history graduate from Chillin with my postal peeps shirt, was equally overcome when I whispered the conversation to him. One of the most memorable moments of my life. Good for you, to have historically induced shivers, whilst dwelling with life! I feel sorry for any individual being led to their death, be it Kings, Queens, other criminals, or just plain dear animals,knowingly having to go to their deaths. Absolutely useless in all cases.

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