Ridiculous. Utterly ridiculous Dad of girls outnumbered but proud and happy shirt. The beauty industry doesn’t support mental health it contributes to unrealistic pressures and expectations. But mental health is important, I miss seeing my friends and going out dinner and escape rooms. Do I think that’s the most pressing thing in the world -no, but it’s all part of the big complex puzzle of who we are. I this topic worthy of an article devoted to it. Probably not. Is it worthy as part of the bigger things that people are missing probably. Be kind. What is hard is people that are having to wake up and remember they have lost a loved one! Or if like me wake up and see without my kids because I can’t be with them right now.

Dad of girls outnumbered but proud and happy shirt, sweater, hoodie and v-neck t-shirt


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Best Dad of girls outnumbered but proud and happy shirt

This is everything that is wrong with our society. The look at me generation Dad of girls outnumbered but proud and happy shirt. Seriously there’s bigger things to worry about these people definitely need to see a dr but not of the cosmetic kind. Here I am watching a documentary on children being separated from their parents during WWII and being shipped off to Auschwitz and these vain idiots are complaining about the fact they can’t access poison to inject into their bodies.

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    On the ball, from every angle…

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