You who ever you are are realy creazy to put that on face book dont you see childern are waiching this realy Deftones beer horse shirt. Don’t we all wish we could ride this well. Check out this impressive video. Wow, I feel really inadequate as a rider now! What an amazing young rider and superbly honest horse. To those few sour pusses with negative comments it’s obvious you haven’t a clue what you’re talking about but clearly are those that merely live in the delusion of being experts. Keep bouncing over your cavalettis! 15 fences in total and I counted 4 short sharp hey listen moments that were required to keep both horse and rider safe.

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Young girl released her hands as soon as the horse listened and allowed him to move forward. Anyone that believes they can get any Deftones beer horse shirt fences without having to give the horse a quick tug here and there is kidding themselves. Huge difference between hey listen and just yanking on a horses mouth. This was a wonderful exhibition of boldness and ambition but I’m going to say this, not fair. That child is overmounted. That horse is not receiving the quiet steady support he deserves. It worked this time and it may work for a season.

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    On the ball, from every angle…

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