What do you really have to lose? You’re already wearing a pillow! In the Dogs never lie about love shirt besides I will buy this name of journalism, I tried the pillow challenge myself. I took a pillow that is embroidered with my monogram and cinched it with a Western belt. I did this in the bathroom, and, man, I wish I had taken a picture of my boyfriend’s face when I came out. Bemused, I think, is the most appropriate word to describe his reaction: “Just…why?” Because! That’s why. Just because. But they are pretty much out of sight out of mind type of people they don’t really look back after they discard until they’re ready not to discard. There was probably a narcissist that said the statement out of sight out of mind. They can’t stand the fact that you still pump blood to your heart, breath through your nose, and think for yourself. They left you but how dare you move on and be anything but a crumpled shell of the person you once were! Oh, it eats them up inside like cancer. They obsess and stalk. They want to lure you back in once more just so that they can keep their dignity intact (so they believe) while they discard you once more. It pisses off the narcissist so much. But they’ll create a new smear campaign or a worse situation you have to deal with that’ll make you come back. It’s all apart of manipulating supply into doing what they want. They will, very likely, use a mixture of punishment and love bombing to get you back. Please, dont fall for it. No Contact is the best answer to the Narcissist if you can manage it. If not, Gray Rocking is the next best thing. Be matter-of-fact, concise, and unemotional in your dealings with them. I once wrote server components for a business management system. They were well wrung out, so they never crashed. When one did crash, it caught the segmentation violation trap and continued. When it couldn’t continue, it restarted itself. And when it didn’t restart itself, another program was monitoring it, which killed and restarted it. These servers were a thing of beauty. I discovered that when my software worked perfectly, I became invisible. People wondered why I worked there, and what I did. I had basically to earn my whole annual salary on one or two days a year when something catastrophic happened.Princess Beatrice, like so many spring 2020 brides, was subject to unfortunate timing: Her May 29 wedding in London was postponed indefinitely due to the coronavirus epidemic. Buckingham Palace stayed mum on any rescheduling details—would Beatrice and her fiancé, Edoardo “Edo” Mapelli Mozzi, ever have their reception in its gardens? With so much in flux, it was impossible to know. The couple didn’t wait to find out.

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This weekend, they wed in a small ceremony at the Dogs never lie about love shirt besides I will buy this Royal Chapel of All Saints in Windsor. It was a small, socially distant ceremony, where, due to government regulations, not even a hymn was sung. The palace confirmed “close family” was in attendance, which included the bride’s grandparents, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. On Saturday, the royal family released several pictures from the affair, which captured a set of sumptuous details. I once wrote a beautiful, efficient, expandable base class for encoding packets implementing the RTP protocol. The class was elegant and the documentation was clean. It was like a code poem. I actually lost a job because this code was so good. It seems I’m difficult to work with because I didn’t try to use the crappy, ad-hoc code written by one of the company’s old-timers. His code read 4 fields out of one particular kind of RTP packet, and wouldn’t have worked for me, because I had to both read and create RTP packets. But that’s beside the point. Software development is an art form so esoteric, so internal that only another developer can appreciate it. For every epic code poem like Stepanov’s Standard Template Library, there are 10,000 dreary tomes of ordinary code. It is a rare manager who appreciates craftsmanship, and customers can’t see it at all. I write code this way because I can’t figure out how to do it any other way. A thousand ounces of silver is a great gain to me, and to be a high noble and minister is a most honorable position. But have you not seen the victim-ox for the border sacrifice? It is carefully fed for several years and robed with rich embroidery that it may be fit to enter the Grand Temple. When the time comes for it to do so, it would prefer to be a little pig, but it can not get to be so. Go away quickly, and do not soil me with your presence. I had rather amuse and enjoy myself in the midst of a filthy ditch than be subject to the rules and restrictions in the court of a sovereign. I have determined never to take office, but prefer the enjoyment of my own free will. The fish should not be taken from the deep pool; the sharp weapons of the state should not be shown to men.First, of the floral arch which surrounded the chapel door: ivory roses, pink hydrangeas, and assorted greenery from Windsor Great Park, all by florist Rob Van Helden. (He also did the wedding of Beatrice’s sister, Eugenie.) Then, of the bride herself, wearing a vintage Norman Hartnell dress made from peau de soie taffeta and adorned with ivory duchesse satin. It was on loan from Queen Elizabeth, who wore the same gown to Lawrence of Arabia in 1962 (it was refitted by the monarch’s dresser, Angela Kelly).

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